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The team includes Lemon Yamagishi, Johnny Mc Beal, Makoto Kashino, and Amano Ichigo.

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354367883 836870375 instruction Hot manual out bounds golf shots of : of turkey guide Coast : Brisbane tv guide qld ...Characters[] Main characters[] Ichigo Amano (天野 いちご, Amano Ichigo) Voiced by: Like other typical heroines of Shoujo manga, Ichigo is clumsy, naive, and innocent, but is also optimistic and lively.Her mother ignored her for many years because of her having no talent (compared to her younger sister Natsume, who is an aspiring , and who generally excels at almost anything).Fujoshi Level: Narumi once turned down a boy who had confessed to her, for the reason that she has dedicated her entire high school life to creating BL.

The cover of the first DVD compilation released by featuring Team Ichigo and their Sweets Spirits; Ichigo (center), Vanilla (top-left), Kashino & Chocolat (top-right), Café & Hanabusa (bottom-left) and Caramel & Andou (bottom-right).

The episodes from the anime are based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Natsumi Matsumoto.