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In Partial Fulfil L-nsnt / ^ .-^ ^' of the Requirements for Dsgree ,'Cyp-^'""^'^/^ ^^'''^' Master of Arts (Alcohol Studies) Herman J. in such a v3rj as to re^j'Alt in i Tijui^'' to his ovm or another's health, social, or economic fane- tionin~. An ch^aplain cbsi sense the need for gi^ring nore help than -t'as offered in the situation: • 1^ ^■pleaded -vdth ay coniaanders for help, but they all agreed it ijas a family matter and agreed -dth me that she vas not follovang "protocol" in coming to then. A script is the plan or blueprint for a life course. Reading, Massachusetts, Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 1971. -itary co)i:ir»unity socially, econoriically, arrf healthwise thorough the use of this handbooh by bacorijig a niore effective, agent for •^- therapeutic chaiige vrith problesi drinkers* DEi.'s:rr i p: ) of Tgg-i3 The PROSIS'l DHIIS3R as used in triis study is defiiisd as an individual t-rho concui^es alcoholic beverages. He nay beat his i-d-fe or children, ^sjable or sp«nd noney needed for food, clothing or furniture. Headquarters, United States Continental Arriy Connand. This leaves hlin freo to at viiat^^ver i.-: io"^ul ".-t'er f^an tragic in the alcoholic's life, 24- PSYCHOLOCTCJi L SCRIPTS . Available also is one of the most successful agencies in helping problea drinlcers. Other nilitarj' organizations that help support rehabilitation are ; » 1, Special Services, which provides recreational activities . 2, Project Transition and General Educational Development provide counseling, acaderdc, and job placenent services as part of the rehabilitation process. They are assisting drag- involved soldiers to adjust to civilian life after discharge vdth job placement and contact i-dth trsatirent centers, 5. The Psrent ego contains exsnplep asid pixnounceinents of real parents or authority figures. 3, PR5P is a relatively new extension of the Army Education Prograri. The National Council on Alcoholism has branch offices jxi most large cities and offers educational and referral ser'.'lces, 6. Private interview, San Pablo; California, October, 1972. The Adult ego state observes factual data and computes the results needed for effectively living in the world. s-jble, I, i-'long ■with about four others resigned my club nenber.'i-hip iv Tdle stationed at 21l£V7crth A? Our mz^vers posted in the club and renarks about our "disloyalty" -»rare overheard, * I was not a teetotaler, but at parties. Once in a V7I would have a beor at hone, I can't touch alcohol nov7 because I have hypoglycenia, I i:as practically weaned on hot toddy, Ily grandmother (with w! C-od is f^ the Alcoholic, Chicago, Koody Press, 1965. 39 2A: "'.vr-rn enough fory:.:" (How are you:.) 23: "Sure is. Subjects can include the vxeather, politics, cars, etc. It was a sil&nt attitude, felt, rather than a require.-asnt, Ivlien the rej^alaticns %:ere chan^-sd so that it becane pos- ;-;. .o;,iari Catholic liass or, rcch as groetin^ custons, Ul: "Hi" (Hello, -ood noming.) 13: '^i" (Hello, ^ood ;:;orr:iri-,) ■/ ■ ^Z^- -■ _ . A pastirie is a series of s L-nole conplenentarj' transactions arra-n^e-d around a single field of .-na-terial, whose prinar/ object is to stroct-ui-'e aji i.nteml of tire, are sriply the way people superficially ex chance opinions tc fill an interval of time -.-.athout getting involved at a deeper level. As a result of this experienc-j, a decision vjas nadc to develop an Introductor:,- Kaj^dbook Tidiich may aid. Tv.-o main functions of t-he Pai-ent are: "(1) to act effectively as the parents of actual children.

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e A HANDBOOK FOR MILITARY CHAPLAINS IN COUNSELING PROBLK^I DRINKERS CONTSi TS PRE? Few hilitar;/ personnel zve trained specifically to help persons who have dilricmg problems. The tmit of social inter- course is called a transaction, ^5 Siinple transactional analysis is concerned vath diagnosing -vhich ego state implemented the transac- tional stiiimlus, and v&lch one executed the transactional response. .religious and philosophical values, he can make a special contribution toward restoring the problen driricer to health and sobriety. The Pentagon, Washin-tor., 7J, C., 1572, (p, B-1) . ier •rcy.y qioickly, or perhaps Einiultaneously, but his Child had contaninat Ed the Adult and Parsnt, therefore, the Chdld itiaintainod oontrc J., If the Child in the individual is confused and imhealthy, then the consequences nay be unforti^nate, but something can and should be cione about it, TRAi:a ACTIC::s Wien people encounter each other socially, and one acknow- ledges the other verbally or otherviise, a t-ansactional st L^iiulu-': occurs, A tran^acticnal response then occ^ars if another person says or does sonethirig r=.'lated to the stimulus.

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