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And now that her breasts were just big enough to wrap around his large cock, they had added tittyfucking to their repertoire.Of course, her dad had no idea that they were playing like this. But they were both eighteen, in love and couldn't get enough of each other.In a matter of days he had cum many, many times in her mouth becoming what he said was an excellent cocksucker.As naughty as that sounded, Lucy had felt a strange pride.Bill, despite what he was eventually going to see on one of the video clip, wasn't a voyeur.It hadn't even crossed his mind that he might catch his daughter Lucy having sex with her boyfriend. Despite the fact that he was a single father he was convinced that he had raised his daughter well.Given that he was her own first, she wanted to take things slow.In turn, it pissed her off that he didn't want to eat her pussy.

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He was glad to see that Lucy wasn't going any further than very light petting though.She still remembered when he had first touched then grasped her naked breast under her night shirt.