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23-Aug-2017 05:52

I got the usual: Netflix and Plex to watch my other content (No Vudu, yet).

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In fact, if you’re watching movies, it’s slightly larger because of the widescreen shape versus the i Pad’s squarish shape.— BACKUP KINDLE —I have a Kindle Paperwhite.I use this away from home since it is a lot smaller and lighter than my laptops. The customer service both phone and chat is outstanding.2.The Alexa set up is better than it is on the Generation 5.3.Pixels per inch has increased which means everything looks sharper.

PPI helps while reading as you are less likely to zoom in on photos or text in magazines and PDFs. Reds are distinctly redder, along with all the other colors [see photos].1080p resolution was the only thing stopping this tablet from being truly must-have, and now it’s here!

Adding books is as easy as on a regular Kindle: connect it to a computer, and transfer your files into the Kindle folder.