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One night they're at Barclays Center; another night, they're at Revolution Bar on the south shore of Long Island; later this fall, on cross-country tours opening for Gojira and Hatebreed. "The world's gotta learn," Morgan says, right before their set.

"And it's gonna take a long time for them to learn the kinda thing that we're doing. we're not gonna quit until I know that imprint is made.

Goldman forgot to tell the opening bands they needed to bring their own drum stands, so they're in the back debating whether it's worth it to drive 30 minutes to a Guitar Center.

When Code Orange finally get their live sound dialed-in, it's taken almost an hour, and everyone is visibly frustrated.

It was a week before WWE's NXT Takeover Brooklyn when Jami Morgan got the call that his band would be performing there, live.

They could really use a full-time tour manager, and a dedicated sound person.Morgan's a wrestling super-fan — he'd drive 15-plus hours to attend Wrestlemania tapings, even if he just got back from tour — and playing a wrestling event was something Morgan had dreamed of for years. Four days later, the Pittsburgh-based band — Morgan on drums, Reba Meyers and Dominic Landolina on guitars, Shade Balderose on synth and Joe Goldman on bass — were in New York."We practiced our ass off for three straight days," Morgan says.As show time approaches, these issues fade away, however. Goldman walks around seething, beginning the transformation from mild-mannered Joseph Goldman to his stage persona, the riled-up animal with bulging veins and fire in his eyes. They blast through their 45-minute set, a few songs from .

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Morgan, the most forward member of the group offstage, sits back behind the drums, screaming his vocals but staying mostly covered by the band.

Many heavy metal, alternative metal, industrial, funk metal, alternative rock, rap metal, and industrial metal artists and bands of the 1980s and early 1990s have been credited with laying groundwork for the development of nu metal by combining heavy guitar riffs with pop music structures and drawing influences from subgenres of heavy metal and other music genres; Faith No More, In the 1990s, bands described as "neo-metal" by the author Garry Sharpe-Young emerged; these bands include Pantera, Strapping Young Lad, Machine Head, Biohazard and Fear Factory.